Smothered Egg Scramble Enchilada

I love using leftovers in my refrigerator and transforming those ingredients into fun new delicious dishes. All you need to have is some imagination and a stocked pantry with dry goods. Next is a batch of courage and you are ready to experiment.

Did you often hear your mom and dad telling you to eat your food and stop playing with it while sitting at the dinner table when growing up?  Well who knew your parents could be so wrong.  I highly suggest playing with your food. It is fun, rewarding, and so delicious.  I often come up with my best dishes when I try new combinations and cooking methods.

Today’s dish is a smothered egg scramble enchilada. I combined simple ingredients of eggs, potatoes, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, sausage and fresh cilantro. The ingredients were scrambled together and then placed on top of a soft corn tortilla and folded over. It was topped with enchilada sauce and smothered with melted hatch pepper cheese sauce and fresh chopped cherry tomatoes.

I ended up eating this for breakfast but this hearty delicious dish can be served for lunch or dinner.

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