Our Shades of Green

Cornerstone Design Remodeling is dedicated to environmental stewardship. Russ is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, fishing, biking, and breathing clean air. Many of our clients share our passion for the environment, and want to make sure that their construction projects reflect this commitment. Whether installing energy-efficient appliances, tankless water heaters or natural systems such as geothermal or solar heating energy, we’re committed to offering you the best green products that come on the market.

But being “green” goes beyond the products a company offers. It’s a mindset. Here at Cornerstone we take care to implement stewardship in all aspects of our construction. We salvage and recycle materials such as copper, steel, cardboard, and wood. We donate materials such as doors, cabinets, and sinks to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore program, where items in good condition can be used again in houses for people in need.


Green Remodeling Practices

At Cornerstone, we don’t talk green for the sake of being trendy. We walk the talk and are always looking for, and open to, new ways to preserve our environment for our children and generations to come.

A few of our green remodeling practices include:

  • Reusing old lumber
  • Removing hinges and knobs from doors and recycling them
  • Laminating drywall over paneling (instead of removing the paneling), thereby increasing thermal efficiency, reducing landfill debris, and lowering clients’ energy bills
  • Installing only Energy-Star rated products
  • Installing high-efficiency HVAC systems and dual zone systems

We are always searching for new products and practices that will result in less waste and more value for our customers.