9 Must-See Kitchens Before Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is probably one of the most used areas in your home and as such, it deserves a special attention to make it feel like an inviting, welcoming space where you can cook meals and enjoy them with your friends and family.

If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, we’ve gathered a few ideas for you. Check out these 9 must-see kitchens and get inspired!

Beautiful Kitchen With Natural Light

Posted by Cornerstone Design Remodeling, LLC on Monday, February 4, 2019

Take a look at how bright this kitchen immediately becomes thanks to natural light. To accomplish this, we’ve added a triple window unit that increases the amount of natural light coming into the space.

Updated Kitchen With Hickory Floors

The owners of this Greenbriar Jefferson Rambler enjoy cooking and needed a larger kitchen and more counter space to meet…

Posted by Cornerstone Design Remodeling, LLC on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thanks to an updated layout, this kitchen offers plenty of space for cooking adventures. The Hickory flooring goes well with the cabinets used in the kitchen and the counter space was increased as well.

Complete Kitchen Remodel

Complete kitchen remodel: semi-custom cabinetry, granit counter tops, hardwood flooring, all new appliances, recessed and pendant lighting.

Posted by Cornerstone Design Remodeling, LLC on Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Get inspired with this complete kitchen remodel. This project included custom cabinets which add a special touch to the kitchen and contrast well with the dark flooring. We’ve also added granite countertops for a more polished look.

Must-See Kitchens With Painted Cabinets

Must-See Kitchens with Painted Cabinets

Add a splash of color to your kitchen by painting the inside of the cabinets. Your kitchen will instantly look more lively, especially if you match the color to an accent piece in the kitchen.

Beautiful Kitchen With Alternating Finishes

Beautiful Modern Kitchen With Alternating Finishes

Take a look at how visually interesting this kitchen is, thanks to alternating finishes on the cabinets. If you look closely, you will also notice that the cabinets also have texture. Thanks to the large window, the whole kitchen looks warm and spacious.

Modern Kitchen In Black and White

Modern Must-See Kitchens in Black and White

Black and white never goes out of fashion, so if you want a kitchen that stays modern, this combination is a great choice. Take a look at how this kitchen pairs the two colors well without making the kitchen feel dark and cold.

Beautiful Kitchen With Open Shelving

Beautiful Kitchen with Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to make your kitchen appear spacious, not to mention it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your dishware. Use it to display mugs, wine glasses or that porcelain that’s been in your family for generations.

Modern Kitchen With Plant Accents

Modern Must-See Kitchens with Plant Accents

Add plant accents to your kitchen for a more enjoyable space. Simply by adding a plant or two, you can breathe new life into your kitchen and make it more inviting.

Updated Kitchen With Different Shades

Updated Must-See Kitchens With Different Shades

Who says you have to paint your kitchen in one shade only? Take a look at how different color shades add depth to this updated kitchen and make it more visually appealing.

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